The Art of Storytelling

In a recent interview for Technology Chiefs, Chris Gabriel Chief Digital Office (CDO) at TechPulse Group talked passionately about discovering the art of Storytelling early in his career and how he has developed that and feels it is a key skill for technology leaders to master and exploit.

Storytelling can trace its roots a long way back in our history, predating writing it has been used to entertain, educate and pass on cultural traditions. In more recent times we might associate it with TED talks which have exploded in popularity and cover an extraordinarily diverse range of subjects and speakers.

Why though should storytelling be a key skill for Technology Chiefs? Well probably the most important reason is that the art of storytelling can be used to drive change, which is surely one of the fundamental purposes of all technology leaders.

Storytelling is a key part of communications and in a world where we are bombarded with messages from so many different sources and channels a great story can be the deciding factor in whether your messages reach your audience. As a technology leader, this could be:

  • Selling our ideas and concepts
  • Persuading investors or shareholders to back our company and products
  • Educating or passing on knowledge and information
  • To motivate teams and encourage people to reach their full potential

As Chris has found, learn to tell stories and you will have a really powerful skill to help you drive change for your organisation, audience, customers or community. A recognised expert on storytelling and a great source for learning and developing this art is Carmine Gallio and Two of his books that are well worth checking out are Talk Like TED and The Storytellers Secret.